How to customize "Update items" quick entry?

Hi, I want to know how can I customize the Items table of “Update items” ?


What do you plan to achieve, do you want to add an extra column or what exactly?

I’ve previously done some small customizing to this. I can provide some basic advice.

The “Update Items” feature is shared between Sales Order and Purchase Orders (same code for both). You pass it an object:

  • The current Form.
  • Name of the DocField that represents the Child doctype.
  • Name of the child DocType.
  • A boolean that enables/disables the “Add Row” button.

After that, everything is JavaScript.

  • First, a Dialog object is created. It contains a Table.
  • The Table is filled by reading the Form’s child document rows.
  • The Primary Action button is the “Update” button, that calls server-side code to apply your changes.

If you need a starting point, the JS code begins here.

Yes, I plan to add the Description to the column.

Item description right?
In sales invoice item doctype scroll to description open details check to be invisible in the listview

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think your suggestion work on the Update Items quick entry.

All total column must be equal to but not great than 11 adjust appropriately

I’m talking about the “update items” table, not the main Child table