How to deal with Damages during production?

I’m making bread and it’s not always that we make 100% of the total yield. There are some damaged bread and others fall during production or just somehow 1 or 2 bread is missing.

I tried using scrap but that also has its own challenges. Even if I try using scrap, the end product is not always accurate, for example:

I plan for 305 pieces of bread which is the amount in my BOM. I have scrap as 1 bread and when I do a new work order and finish it I get that the system accurately calculates the scrap which to me is the bread that has been pressed wrong or damaged and I can still sell it at different price.

The problem now is the system still wants me to fill in 305 as finished goods, but I only have 304 and my 1 scrap(damaged) bread. Somehow 1 bread is missing because of some reason. How do I deal with this?

If I enter 304 as finished bread then my work order is still in progress and if I enter 305 to finish the work order then I would be entering the wrong number of bread in the system.

How do I solve this?..

The only solution I see is to do stock reconciliation every day to reduce the number after every production. I’m not sure if this is the correct way to deal with production.

And what happens if we have more bread than what we planned for, say our work order is for 305 and we get 306. I think this part of damaged goods or lost during production has been greatly ignored because I have searched in this forum going back to posts from years ago but there seem to be no solution at all.

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