How to Deal with Salary Arrears

Hi all,

I have a perfectly working payroll with erpnext (Thank you :slight_smile:) . However, I can’t figure out how to incorporate salary arrears.

Employee salary in Salary Structure can be paid partially (i.e. when payroll is processed, only part of the salary is paid). The balance should be carried forward to the next period. It should also be cumulative such that if partial payment happens in the next period, the balance (Salary Arrears) increases. The Salary Arrears can be offset at a specified period by paying the defined Salary plus the cumulative Arrears.

Anyone with some advice on how to approach this?

Thanks for a great product.

If your arrears are based on number of days the employee has worked for, then you could adjust it in the formula of salary calculation to pay based on number of days else if you have some other scenario you can let us know.

I think cumulative arrears is not available at the moment and you can raise a GitHub issue for this with your use case.

Thanks Pawan.
Here’s the scenario.
Salary is calculated monthly (Depending on LWP). Sometimes, employer does not pay entire salary as defined in salary structure (for any number of reasons). When employer pays less than entire amount (maybe 50% or 75%) during a period they will owe the employee the balance which should be carried forward to the next period.
How do I:

  1. ‘pay less’ during payroll processing
  2. Ensure balance is carried forward to the next period

Dear Pawan,
How we can add number of days in formula of component?
Can you give example please?