How to deal with "waiting times" during manufacturing?

Hi @ll,
does anyone knows, how to deal with waiting times during production process?

Work Order is created for “Product X” now we are doing some operations, and after that have to wait e.g. 24hours, after that continue … until the next waiting time, waiting time has different reasons …
until now, we use Jobcards for that, but at first it isn’t perfect and the second thing, much more uncomfortable … the Work Orders are all open, there’s no “waiting until” option, only to stop … which is dangerous … coz easy to oversee the nex step.

Has anyone a good way to deal with that?

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Hi schmutzfuss
I have suggestion for you.

  1. Create a datetime field(Like Waiting Time) in Work Order Doctype.
  2. Create a Cron job from on the insert of Work Order. Cron job will run a python function that calculate the datetime e.g 24hours from now or 48hours from now depending on your code and save the value in the Field(Waiting Time) that you created in Work Order Doctype Point 1.
  3. Then you will validate action according to waiting time that save in the Work Order doctype. Like if now time is less then waiting time then no action will not perform on the workflow and system will show error message. this thing you will achieve by code also on work Order.

Usama Naveed

@Usama_Naveed ,
thanks for your Feedback, so I guess there’S no builtin solution for “waiting times”, based on that I will pick up your idea with the cronjob, I didn’t thought about it before. … thank you!


Manufacturing settings have a " Time Between Operations (Mins)" setting.

It may not suit your problem but you can track that settings in the code to better suit your problem.

An alternative also, is set the Waiting time as an operation, by itself!

So, when you look for your job cards, you can see how many are into the waiting time!