How to define and handle Items that have same type of BOMs?

We are manufacturing 60 Items.

These items are Bearing Rings.

Each item has 7 stages so I am creating 7 Items and BOMs for each stage.

Currently things are working properly.

But the problem is that I have to define 7 x 60 Items and BOMs.

As the manufacturing steps are same for each Item.

Are there any possibility of being able to create one single set of BOMs and apply them to each Item instead of defining 420 Items and BOMs?


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Trying to understand. There are 60 bearing ring variants , each having different attributes and each requiring 7 components, each of those unique and used only on the manufacture of the bearing ring that they are used to produce. Or are there 7 operations to produce each bearing ring, with the same operation needed to produce any bearing ring, regardless of , say, size or some other attribute?


There are 60 types of bearing rings that are manufactured.

There are 7 operations performed when manufacturing any of the 60 type of bearing ring. The same operations are performed irrespective of the ring being manufactured. We need to have QC at each stage or process and also maintain inventory at each stage or process.

Only thing that changes is the base Raw Material which is Bright-bar. Based on the ring being manufactured Bright-bar changes.
All other things remain same.


It looks like only 60 BOM would be needed. Operations, Quality Inspection templates could be shared among the variant’s BOM. The docs mention BOM templates and I wonder if that could be useful. Routing might be useful as well.


I have referred the linked document but I cannot find option for creating BOM Template.

Is there any special configuration that I have to apply to any Item?