How to delete a just added product?


I have just added a product. I made a mistake so I need to delete it, however, I could not.

Error is “No se puede eliminar o cancelar debido a Item 011.031.003 está vinculada con Stock Entry STE-00002”

So I went to stock entries option and saw the entry STE-00002. I tried to delete it but impossible!! Error now is “Entradas de inventario STE-00002: El registro enviado no puede ser eliminado.”

How a very simple task is done very complex in ERPNext? I don’t understand. Please help.


Have you delivered this item already? Or any other transaction with this item that would delete it from the system?

If so, you will have to cancel that transaction first to delete the stock entry. You cannot delete the inward entry for an item if it is already consumed/delivered.

Refer to the following:

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No… I have just added the product and immediately I have realized it was wrong (it was duplicated), so something is strange in this system.

On the other hand, I think system should tell exactly where the problem is, not just a message telling that the item could not be removed.

But never mind… I needed to create a new product, so instead of creating it, I just renamed the old created one. That way I could reuse the product code.


When you create an item with opening stock, ERPNext create a Stock Entry of the opening stock.

A document linked to other documents won’t be deleted without un-linking it first. Cancel or delete the related transaction.

Menu > Links > open the Linked document > Cancel

This should un-link the document, allowing you to Delete the new Item. Otherwise, completely delete the dependent document.