How to delete a party type

There is no delete option or add option in Party Type doctype.

@Samsul - You have to use the ‘edit doctype’ feature add appropriate ‘permission rules’ and then in permission manager to this doctype and that role type you have to give ‘Read/write/delete/create and more’ rights as required.

I would advise against deleting party types. I think there is some hardcoded references in the code base which may result in some errors if they are removed from the DB.

If I where you I’d use a custom script to modify the query of party type to only show the results you want. Here is an example of changing the query in a form script erpnext/packing_slip.js at 6d6616dbcdfec4171022bac9c0538c04a1fa5cd5 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I give the permission. But it not working…

When i give submit permission. Then i got a error message

@Samsul - yes you cannot give ‘Submit’ rights as the document can only be ‘Saved’ and cannot be ‘Submitted’.
You have to assign appropriate required permissions only.
Also after assignment of permissions in this doctype, you might have to visit the permission manager and give appropriate read/write rights too.

When i give submit. then don’t save and i got this error