How to delete comment (New release)

In new release, after comments are clubbed into communications, we are not able to delete the comment. Can anyone suggest how to delete the comment?

Please also look into following scenario.

  • An opportunity was created for a Customer. A comment was added by a user in an opportunity. Then it was realized that it was a duplicate creation of customer. Hence, an opportunity customer was changed to an old customer to delete the newly created customer.

Here, after changing the customer in opportunity, comments still stays back to Newly created customer. Due to which Newly created customer is not being deleted. Further, comment is also not being deleted. So, there is no way to remove the duplicate customer.

Kindly advise.


I am getting this error

"User not allowed to delete Communication: 83ebda5aea"

However, I am owner of communication and also system user?

Also, I am unable to see all communication in Communication List View.

Hi @Deven_Shah

1.Actually those user has commented ,only that user can delete respective comment.
2. I have seen your screen shot.
in that logged in user is- Deven Shah and comment given by “Krunal Shah”
So “Krunal” only delete that comment by loggin to his account,not a logged in user.
and logged in user deleting comment of another user thats why message showing as
“User not allowed to delete communication”.
3.Other wise login to “Administrator” and delete comment

@Deven_Shah I think this will fix your issue: [fix] always set timeline doc on update by anandpdoshi · Pull Request #1566 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Will be released next week.

Hello @anand @kolate_sambhaji
Can I hide (not showing) add comment for some users?
I need to disallow adding comments for some users, how?