How to delete custom field column break?


I can not delete custom field with field type column break.
If we delete column break it will appear again at the end of document.
Please give solution or any alternative.

Sambhaji Kolate


Please delete custom fields from Custom Field List, and not from Customize Form. I deleted few customs fields from Custom Field list, and it worked fine for me.

Also, please post a Github Issue for Custom Field not deleting from Customize Form.


I have couple of question related to custom field.
We have one developer machine and one client.
When we delete custom field from developer machine. Its not reflected in client machine.
Export fixture should delete this fields from client machine.

Global defaults not fetching.
We added one custom field custom_rate and want to show currency (USD) after Custom rate.

Custom Rate (Company Currency)


You are right. Currently there is not way to track if a custom field was created as a fixture or not.

Do you want to fix this?

You might have to add an extra column for custom fields imported via fixtures. and than map that field.

I think this should work for custom fields and custom scripts only. Maybe sync can delete if a column called from_fixture exists.