How to delete Fields From Database also

Hi, i have deleted about 30 fields which was customily created but the database row size remains the same is there any other way rather than deleting the fields (which is already deleted from UI)directly from database

Remove the field from the UI, but ensure it remains in the database. Trim the table and verify.
Before proceeding, make sure to take a backup.

i have already took the backup do the trim table elete the fields from DB which is not using @NCP
but there is no trim() in my erp

Upgrade your v15 version and check it.


Your version is older; new features are released in the 15.23.0 version. You need to update the version.

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Erpnext or Frappe Framework?? @NCP

when you update then both are updated at a time.

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Can i get any type of command to update to newer version @NCP

bench update

It has been showing ‘Updating’ for 1 hour. @NCP

Please apply it.