How to delete Inter-linked documents

I have created Sales Invoice & Delivery Note.

In Delivery Note, I have mentioned Invoice No and in Invoice I have given link to Delivery Note.

When I wanted to delete Invoice, It asks to delete Delivery Note first… and when I go to delete delivery note, it asks to delete Invoice first.

So, how we can delete such inter-linked documents?

@Ram_Gopal_Rao AFAIK you would have to remove the inter-linking in order to delete the transaction. Also what is the use of linking DN with Invoice since if you want to know which DN is linked to which invoice then you can easily use the links feature in the erpnext.

Hello Sir

Can you help me

I want to delete a journal entry which is linked with payment ledger

Is it possible

Did you have any chance in solving this issue? I am using version 14.