How to delete last employee activity(timeline items)

Hello, ERPNext World!
In erpnext, each employee activity is shown on the employee page (below comments area)

In my project, I make some fast testing in Leave Application doctype by this user. Then I delete it.
My question is how can I delete this information(timeline items) from employee page

Thanks all

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You cannot delete the activities. But you can hide that particular “Tools” module for your users.

Sorry, Its not working
It still there !


This is not possible as of now. Can you please create a GitHub issue for this?

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Is there any guide available to hide this timeline activity from Employees?


Not Yet…!!!

Is there any custom script to hide it?

yes, yo can include any js file in hook

then add this jqueary code inside the js file

awesome @OmarJaber How can I disable this script for site admin only? Currently, I put this inside the custom script.

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Employee’, {
refresh(frm) {
// your $(function() {
$(‘.timeline’).hide(); // or .remove();

you can check if current session user is admin then pass

Hi @OmarJaber. Thanks for reply. Where do I have to check this option?