How to Delete Sales invoice only if on DRAFT

Hi all,
In Angola due to the laws your are not allowed to delete invoices or better every deleted invoice should be part of the SAFT… In order to avoid or create lot of work we Disable the delete from invoices but the issue is if many DRAFT invoices were created!

So wonder if possible on the core to have an option (per Doctype) maybe in all documents “Delete only Draft”. Which will allow users to delete those documents only if they are in draft.

Don’t think this feature is there yet. However, you can reserve delete rights to a few roles. In role permission manager, give delete rights to maybe only system manager or few roles that are applicable.

Thanks for the reply…
But my case was based on this that I shared

The reason is when setting up many companies having to to to each role while having a button that will allow the document to be deleted only if on DRAFT while the cancelled ones are not until this option is removed or unticked.

Will use this link as solution to check if SI is draft and allow deletion otherwise cancel.