How to delete Test data?

Hi i need help// regarding deleting dummy test data…i try to cancel all transsaction but…I end up with purchase error…

“Purchase Order PO-00001: Submitted Record cannot be deleted”

is there a way that I will clear the data…

im registered at


To know how to delete all the transactions please refer the link.

Hope this helps.

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thank you madam ArundhatiS

You can also cancel the documents one at a time and delete them. this would give you more of a scalpel approach.

The URL above is now a 404, this page appears to have moved to here:

There are some records that needs to be manually deleted when you try to delete all the test data by deleting all the test companies:

In fact there appears to be so many circular dependencies with the test data that it isn’t possible to delete it all other then by deleting the whole ERPNext install and starting again?

I’m only evaluating ERPNext at this stage so I have no critical data to lose but it would be helpful if I knew how to prevent the database being filled with test data in the first place…

Sorry, I should have worked this out sooner, I ran the bench run-tests command and it appears that this was the cause of the generation of the test data, perhaps the bench run-tests command needs a warning to indicate that it will populate your database with test data than cannot easily be removed…?

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There is also an option now to “Clear Dummy Data”, as the option when you click on top right profile icon