How to deliver service item without entering stock module?


If I,m selling a service item . I still get redirect to stock module to create a delivery note . This will be confusing for sales team . Is it possible to deliver it direct from Sales module ? Or whats they best way of ERPNext to deliver service item ?


You can create Maintenance Visit record against Maintenance Order, and update service details in it.

Hello @umair

Sorry for very late replay . I,m little confused . Should I need to create a maintenance order for each and every sales order ? What I,m doing is:

  1. Taking order for a service (Sales order)
  2. Sending procurement request (Creating material request)
  3. Purchasing that service from supplier (Via Purchase order)
  4. Delivering it to customer (Via delivery note)

From material request to delivery note each step is under stock module . But for a service based organization stock is not required . But right now I need to do this things via stock module . So end users are getting confused . Is it possible to simplify this steps ?