How to deploy Docker development

According to frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub this document I set up a development environment, how do I deploy my development.
thank you

You’ve to build custom docker images for your development.

Example custom app:

  • Do you have documentation? How to do

This is the documentation for creating custom docker images for custom app.
Once images are built, you can use them.

erpnext_documentation is a custom app that builds docker images, further it also deploys the images on kubernetes. Check the code for insight.

Some people from community have already achieved this using the above documentation.
We also got PRs to improve the above documentation as people found fixes.

Anything in depth you find out or we figure out, we’ll add it do documentation.

Anything outside that, create an issue on frappe/frappe_docker or frappe/helm repository and label it as question.

  • Remote containers sometimes break. Is there a solution

which container? share logs, OS setup, more details.

frappe_docker os windows 10 vscode ide

I don’t have windows 10.

I am able to use my linux laptop for erpnext docker dev.
Just confirmed VS Code devcontainer is working.

  • Sometimes you get this hint of what’s going on.
    Do you use Ubuntu?

I use Arch Linux on my laptop and Ubuntu on servers.

I’ll try Ubuntu

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