How to deploy ERPNext as an VM in Proxmox and where can I find the latest versions of ERPNext?

I am farily new to ERPnext and would like to redeploy ERPnext for an upcoming production environment. If possible as an VM in Proxmox. Where can I found the documentations on how to do this and where can I find the ISO’s, VM’s etc…

I run my ERPNext v15 instance inside a deb12 LXC on proxmox 8.x
I used a previous v14 base which I already had on a VBox instance - so I copied the entire DB across and then migrated, but if you are doind a fresh install it will be easier

Yes, I will do a fresh install, preferably as an LXC. Do you have instructions on how to perform the installation?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Deploy Frappe and ERPNext on Ubuntu 22.x Server | by Code with Mesfin | Medium

Is this the guide to follow?
Hardware req.?
HDD size? Default 8 GB for an simple system for a small business?
RAM size? 2 GB with 512 MB swap?