How to deploy ERPNext on Frappe Cloud

I don’t understand how Bench is supposed to work with ERPNext in FrappeCloud.

My goal is to deploy the most barebones ERPNext with only the Services domain in a bench on FrappeCloud.

I am able to deploy the Bench with Frappe Framework and ERPNext Apps to a bench and create a site.

It appears that everything is set up correctly. There are two apps: Frappe v14.9.0 and ERPNext v14.2.0.

However, when I log in as administrator, all I see is the baseline Frappe framework Desk with no evidence that ERPNext is installed at all.

I’ve looked at all of the docs for Bench and FrappeCloud, and it seems like I’m missing something fundamental. Is there some kind of magic incantation that I have to chant in order to get ERPNext to deploy to a site on a bench under FrappeCloud?

I’ve also gotten no reply in 24 hours from a ticket in FrappeCloud. Is that normal?


Hmm, the app is added to both your bench as well as your site.

Did you complete the Frappe setup wizard and then install the ERPNext app?
I’m asking because AFAIK, the ERPNext app can only be installed on a new site.

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In version 14, we have broken the monolith and different modules are separated into their own apps now. But some of these apps are dependent on each other like to have barebone frappe and ERPNext installed in your site you need to install payments app first (after frappe) in your bench and then erpnext.

At the moment, there is no visual indication for these dependencies while installing or any alerts but we will fix it soon.

Hope that answers your query.

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Thank you @shadrak98 - that does answer my question.

For others who may have the same problem, here is what I did to fix it:

  1. Dropped the site using the “Drop Site” button on the Frappe Cloud Site Overview panel for the site. (I believe this is necessary if you want to re-use that site name with a new configuration on the Bench - correct me if it is not)

  1. Added the development version of the Payments app to the Frappe Cloud Bench.

  1. Created a new site with the name of the site I had dropped in step 1. Click on the “New Site” button on the Bench Overview page on Frappe Cloud:

Unfortunately, I did not record the whole process, so I may be missing some steps.

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Thanks for the reply @nikkothari22.

I never got to the point where the Frappe setup wizard ran the first time through. It only showed up after dropping the site and re-adding the Payments and ERPNext apps, and then creating a new site.

You make a good point - the relationship between benches and sites is still kind of fuzzy to me.