How to deploy from DEVELOPMENT to PRODUCTION

I know this has been asked before. But, has anything changed since then?
The main recommendation was, as I recall to create a custom app and deploy it using git. So if I understand all customizations should be exported to a custom app and that app should be used for deployment.

Can someone provide links on how to do this, as I don’t know what to search for?

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you should upload this app to Repo by git
and in its Hooks file in the end add this code

fixtures = [
    # export all records from the Custom Field table
    "Custom Field"

after you finish run this command

bench --site sitename export-fixtures

and push to your repo all your customisations
this pull it to your project by

your project name$ bench get-app your link to your app

run this code in your project path

and this

your project name$ bench migrate

and this steps to make your project production version

1. sudo bench setup sudoers <user_name>
2. sudo bench setup production <user_name>
3. bench setup nginx

Hey, thanks for your help. I taught that I got it, but now I see that not all changes made on erpnext app got migrated with custom fields.

What I was after is:

  1. I have made some new doctypes and added it to CRP module of erpenxt app
  2. Now I want to publish it to production with VCS(git) So I follow your advice and add fixtures to of my custom app. I run bench --site sitename export-fixtures and push to git.
  3. Result should be new doctype in production. But there is none.

I’m facing the same problem, i have the /apps/erpnext on git but the modifications in the API in /apps/frappe don’t appear on prod, did you find a solution ?