How to deploy Virtual Hosted ERPNEXT on public address through VPN

Hi Friends
I am new user of ERPNext and trying to learn erpnext. I am able to use the application after configuring production environment on virtual box. Now please tell me how i can use the application from any other system via internet. Please note that i do not have any public ip. i have read somewhere that it can be done through VPN Services but i do not know the steps, Tried google but not successful.

@mahesh.sinha it is possible to do so via ( I have tried it in the past)
Wont recommend it though. Try setting up a vps server say Digital Ocean or Scaleway

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@neilLasrado : Thanks for your help !! Also can you please guide pagekite is having any drawback. Also about Digital Ocean or Scaleway is chargeable.

Have a rad here, you don’t need a VPN service.