Many production setup error... How to point to my-dns step by step?


I have tested ERPnext demo and found it a great business tool. Even if I have no IT culture at all, I have managed to install ERPnext on Virtualbox with Ubuntu server. This first step has already involved numerous trial and errors…

Now, production script is installed and I can access to local ERPnext from the host computer browser. But I would like to access it from my domain. Following the instructions : from ERPnext manual but i am stuck with[OPTION] USER issue or No file or directory message… Not having development or IT skills is making it impossible to understand most of the solution already proposed.

Could, please, someone help me with a step by step procedure to set the DNS or private IP?
Many thanks in advance.

Can’t tell you exactly the commands or how to do each step, but if you setup these you’ll be able to access the server via domain name.

  1. Set static IP on your Server or reserve the IP on your DHCP server.
  2. Open port 80 and 443 on the server’s firewall or 8080 if you’re using that port. (Now you should be able to access via your local network using IP address).
  3. Set a new hostname on your DNS server to the static IP (Now you should be able to access your server from your local network via name).
  4. Set port forward to what ever port you used in step 2 on your router to the static IP. (Now you should be able to access ERPNext via your public IP).
  5. Forward your domain name or sub domain name to your public IP. (Now you should be able to access ERPNext via your domain name).

Hope this helps

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I am running erpnext using virtual box on windows
what are the security aspects i have to look into if i am going public with a static IP
Thanks and regards