How to determine what Sales Orders have inventory to ship?

Hi there, what is the easiest way for shipping to know what to ship? ie: if we make a work order and move it into finished goos, how are you having shipping determine what is in inventory and what sales orders are available to ship to?

If you want the data to be live (as opposed to updated periodically by a crown job), I don’t think this would be possible (at least not in an easy way) to do from the list view. It should be relatively straightforward to do with a custom report. That would probably be the way I’d approach it.

Thank you for the quick feedback.

I was able to make a query report in report list to pull sales orders that have a status of deliver and bill, and link it to bin doctype for inventory greater than 0 to ship against. Seems to work well so far. Appreciate the direction.

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Have you take a look at this Production Planning Report?

I had not. This seems to cover it as well thanks!

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