How to disable/block default website routes

Hi friends,
As we know that we can add custom website routes through file under website_route_rules
But what I want to do is to block all other default website routes for example /blog, /aboout, /contact etc.
Because there are so many default routes given by frappe and erpnext which I dont want user to visit on my custom website.
Is there any way to do this?
or at least how I can get list of all default routes? so that I can put them in website_route_rules and send them to 404.


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Any help please? This is well needed.

For the routes I wasn’t able to remove, I added a redirect in Website Settings, under HTML Header, Robots and Redirects

Sends you back to the homepage.

Thanks for your comments @Shaun
But this is as same as we can mention redirects of these links in file under website_route_rules. Use these methods we can miss some open route links.

What I was looking for that we should or may already have a function/method to disable all extra route links at once.