How to disable Dashboard for Customer Page for users other than few select roles?


For Sales user in the Customer page. Dashboard regarding sales are shown. Need to disable it.

Can any one help or tell how to do it.

Change the permission

I was just going to suggest that (documentation), but I’ve never tried to disable a dashboard with a document permission (it’s not a docfield), which makes me think it has to be done at the doctype level, and that’s not the OP’s question, really.

@Akkash Based on this question (it’s basically the same question, right?)

  1. With what permissions are you currently viewing the Customer doctype
  2. Have you checked the permissions logged in as a user with only Sales permissions?

Yes @tmatteson User is only having Sales User Role & In Accounts document I have removed permission for Sales User

I think it would be appropriate for you to raise a github issue about this. Read the guidelines, link to this discussion and include your screen shots there. I don’t have a simple fix for you.

Sure @tmatteson. Will wait for few days for others to reply. If we dont get a solution I will create a github issue.

Thanks once again for the help.