How to disable doctype creation in production?

I want to disable doctype create option in the production, even administrator cannot create doctype. Is there any way to do this?

I believe it’s more appropriate to apply this restriction at the individual user level rather than at the group or role level. This is to ensure that not all admin users are restricted from this capability in the future.

  1. Login as System Administrator: As “Administrator” or a user with permissions to modify roles and permissions.
  2. Navigate to Role Permissions Manager:
  • Go to Settings > Users and Permissions > Role Permissions Manager.
  • Search for the role “System Manager”.
  1. Modify Permissions:
  • Within the role settings, look for the DocType named “DocType”.
  • Remove or disable the “Create” permission for the “System Manager” role.
  1. Save Changes: Click the save button to apply the changes.
  2. Verify: Switch to a user with the “System Manager” role and verify that they cannot create a new DocType.

Please note that restricting an administrator might have unintended consequences, as the administrator role typically has permissions to perform any action in the system. It’s always a good idea to test these changes in a sandbox environment before applying them in a production setting.

Additionally, if a user has direct access to the database or server, they could potentially revert these changes. Therefore, ensure only trusted individuals have server or database-level access.

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@jcastillo30 thank you so much for the reply…