How to disable energy point emails

Dear all,

while I think the energy point feature is a nice thing, most corporate customers don’t like the energy point mails that go out frequently. I have tried to disable them from the email notifications and also the energy point settings, but all I could find is to completely switch it off. Where is the “No energy mails” switch? Any hint is appreciated…


I’m am facing this exact same quagmire. I cannot find anywhere to disable the email notifications.

Any news on this? Would love to use it, but the mails to every user are annoying tbh.

I had to disable it as it was becoming burdensome to senior management who do not participate in social and don’t earn energy points and there was no way to limit those who could receive the weekly digest. I hope someone can really say how to modify the notification system to isolate those who really don’t participate in social.


@flexy2ky how did you disable it? I would like to also disable this feature

I found this annoying too. Since I don’t know much about coding, the best I can do is to try to get as much attention as I can from the community to look into this.

I have submitted in the github as well: Disable Energy Point Emails · Issue #19474 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

go to

or search for Energy Point Settings in the Awesome Search Bar and uncheck the Enable Box.

To be honest, i loved the feature but being unable to determine who received the energy points summary was a huge turn off.



Thank you!!

Disabling Energy Points disables the good part of it of rewarding employees for keeping engaging with the the system.

The way we found out is to log in as Administrator and disable the Energy Point in Notification Settings.

The code that does this is mentioned in Notification Settings for Energy Point is not making any difference · Issue #13114 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


This seems to be an unpractical way. Every time anew user is added, this has to be disabled. There is no global disable. Sad :frowning: