How to disable help menu on erpnext?

hi, i am new to erpnext, so if there is any one who can help me to disable help navbar?

Write this code in custom js file and add it to the build.js
After adding it to build.js then include it to the website using hooks

For ref:


thank you but where i can i find biuld.js ?

Inside public folder of your app.
If it’s not there then create it.

For ref:

thank you i include it on biuld.js…can you help me on hooks? i don’t get it?

In update these following entries.
Example 1:
app_include_js = “assets/js/erpnext.min.js”

Example 2:
app_include_js = [

but i created the custom js under public directory…should it be assets?

document ready does not work, window load works , but it will show the help menu again after some browser refresh, so how to add the refresh hooks for every kind of page: form,list, report, desk, module etc needed, I have no idea till now.

Use window hashchange event to remove it.

For instance:
$(document).on(“hashchange”, function(){

Because frappe uses window hashchange event to render through list, reports pages and dashboards.