How to disable Human Resource, Integrations, Learn, Tools, Website modules for certain roles?

I’m setting up a user role with minimum access with the view of turning on the access as needed.
However, upon setting up a new role with no access rules, they are still presented with:

  • Contacts
  • Human Resources
  • Integrations
  • Learn
  • Tools
  • Website

I’m using ERPNext 11, latest from the master branch.

Some documentation suggests removing the module access via Setup > Show / Hide modules, I can’t find this menu at all. I’m guessing this is from the old version of ERPNext.

Any help would be appreciated on how to remove those default modules for certain user role.

Thanks a lot.

Seems that I got a bit further with removing the access from roles: Guest and All.
However the menu items still appears on the left hand side…

Apparently this is solved now… all I needed to do was do a hard refresh of my browser!

So the last thing that I need to remove is that “Learn” module, any idea?