How to Disable "Like"?

Is there any way I can disable the “Like” option in the new version?


Hi @Tanuj

Not at the moment. Why do you need such an option?

HI @anand,

I don’t see the use of it in my organisation’s ERP. It’s a nice feature, but I don’t see the point of having it for any document as such.

I’m sure the frappe team worked really hard on this, and had a use-case in mind, but it doesn’t seem to be appropriate (or explicitly required) in my ERP.

Instead of Like, “Bookmark” or “Starred” made more sense to me personally.

I appreciate your efforts, and would be really glad if you could guide me for this.

Thank You!

@Tanuj whatever you like also serves as a bookmark that you can filter just like Stars

@anand I realised that,

But I cannot bookmark something I created anymore, with the error:

“You cannot like something that you created.”

Well we can fix that

Thank You!

The fix will be released next week. So you should be able to Like your own documents and use it as a bookmark.

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