How to disable Loyalty Points in POS

Hi folks,
How to disable loyalty points.
I have deleted loyalty programs but issue comes when i try to create a new customer.
version: v11

I am sharing this warning pop-up which i don’t want to see/popup.

Any help please!!!

there are multiple way to disable.

just go to loyalty program in Retail module and do the needful as u required
go to customer master unselect Loyalty Program

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Thanks for your suggestion,
I followed these methods which i am sharing below (but it didn’t work)
Method 1: Go to Customer List and remove loyalty point assigned to him.

Method 2: Go to loyalty program and uncheck auto-opt in for all customers and finally delete existing loyalty program lists.

But, both didn’t work and the screenshot i shared above keeps on coming whenever i try to create or change customer in online POS.
v11 erpnext.


  1. Recreate Loyalty program with same say expiry.
    2.Assign Loyalty Program to customer by going in customer master.


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I truly appreciate your thought on this,but that’s a hack.
But, for normal day to day operations by non-technical team, i think it would be an obstacle.

Any workaround for this please?

Thanks in advance.