How to disable Social

I’d like to disable social http://localhost:8080/desk#social/home from all users.
Please advise.

Anyone please with an answer?

hello bedo,

Well, yes, but this doesn’t prevent accessing the page if you know the url.
The thing is, for social there is no page so I don’t know how to restrict users to this.

Social page related to frappe as i know so it’s not doctype, it’s probably hardcoded.

by the way what is wrong with social page? what do you need to achieve? if you are looking for permission its applied on links at social page also.

I want to restrict employees seeing other users/employees. I’m able to do so by permissions. But here on social page they can see all accounts.

did you try Role Permission for Page and Report?

Both Report and Page Doctype are restricted to System User only. But no change for social page.
I don’t really understand why all other pages are listed under Page List but social is not, therefore no way how to change permissions.

you don’t have to change permission for “Role Permission for Page and Report” you have to go Desktop > User and Permissions > Role Permission for Page and Report and try to give permission from there. if you done that and no effect you have to create a feature request or bug report on github page

@emre well, I know what you mean but I don’t have page called social there. Do you see such a page on your system? I have upgraded to v12 from v10 so perhaps there is something missing but I doubt that.
I used page and report Role Permission as you advised to restrict access to other pages and reports and that works well, now if I just had that social page somewhere :slight_smile:

do a feature request from github. i can’t find it also

Update your ERPNext to v13, Social has been removed entirely :slight_smile: