How to disable standard print format?

I logged in as admin and tried to disable some unused print formats, but a get this message:
“Standard Print Format cannot be updated”

Is there a way to disable them?

I think so, It is not possible to disable standard print formats in ERPNext as they are essential to the system’s functionality. Disabling them can cause issues with reports or processes. Instead, you can create a custom print format that fits your needs by navigating to the Print Format List in the Setup module and creating a new custom print format. You can then use this custom print format to print your documents instead of the standard print formats.

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yes I have my custom print formats. Is there a way to at least hide some standard print formats?

Yes, To hide some standard print formats, you can go to the “Print Format List” in the “Printing” module, select the print format you want to hide, and click on the “Edit” button. In the print format editing screen, uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox and click on the “Save” button. This will disable the print format and it will no longer appear in the print format list. Note that this will not delete the print format, so it can be re-enabled at any time in the future. I think so this might help you at.

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Thanks for answering.

When I try that on a standard print format a get the message “Standard Print Format cannot be updated” and is stays enable. Also, there is no “enabled” checkbox, instead there is a “Disabled” checkbox.

Yes, looks like you can just delete it (copy it first, and disable the one you copy)
I also think this could be a bug?

I don´t know how to copy a print format, I don´t find that option. Right now “Standard” “Sales Auditing Voucher” and “Sales Invoice Return” are visible when printing a sales invoice. Is there no way of hiding them or I’m just unaware of that option?