How to disable Zero truncating in sales invoice

My Global precision is set to 3 for currency and for float.
In sales invoice if there are zeros after the decimal point it is truncated but i need the Zeros to be present on print as standard for many companies.

if i enter the complete non zero ending it goes according to precision but if it is zeros it truncates as below

see the total and net ,outstanding is same.
on Print:
On all print formats it shows truncated… i want to show all 3 zeros as its a standard printing in companies.

I have tried manually setting precision to 3 in customize form

no use.

How can this be achieved … plz advice

i have the same problem.

have you solved this problem?

It got solved after a certain update , on version 9 now
set precision as 3 in both float as well as currency precision in System settings .

now its coming proper in the print now.