How to discover the items that have not been paid

First I will explain how I work:
When my dealers come to buy something, do I create a ‘Sales Order’, then I create a ‘Delivery Note’ then I create a ‘Sales Invoice’. As they are dealers usually I never get upon delivery and very often, they return parts of the products when return, I create another ‘Delivery Note’ and another ‘Sales Invoice’ in return.

After a while, the dealers come to pay the bills, but usually create a lot of ‘Sales Order’ during this period (and many returns). And the dealer wants to know what are the pieces that she will pay and the total price.

I usually open all ‘Delivery Note’ and make notes of the pieces that were delivered and the returns on a spreadsheet to display to the client.

In short, you can do something to find out what products she has to pay (in this case, have to discount the returns too)?

I apologize if I have not been very clear, thank you!

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In principle the accounts>main reports>accounts receivable should do the job if correctly linked with a JV to your invoices.

It seems that your business is very dynamic. May be you should try to keep it simple. Make an invoice for a customer. Enter your sales but don’t save. If item come back make correction, new items add them etc. One your customer comes to pay open the draft invoice, check with him, submit and make a JV.


Many thanks for the reply !

I will try to use the ‘Quotation’ to place orders and when they come to pay, I transform into a ‘Sales Order’.
The problem will be the stock, my real stock and the ERPNext will not be the same…

Believe that SO will reduce stock (check!). Than multiple So can be converted in one Sales Invoice. This should work

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I will follow your advice. It was the process that best suits.

SO does not reduce the stock, I think only the ‘Delivery Note’. But if you check report ‘Projected Stock Qty’ before the sale, it is possible to know how many pieces have in stock.

Thank you @becht_robert, really helped me a lot.

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Glad that i cld do something back to the community. Also know that @rushabh_mehta will not endorse this somewhat unorthodox approach :slight_smile:

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