How to Display a Custom Doctype in HR Module

Hi There,
I want to Display my custom Doctype i have created named “Joining Document” in the Recruitment Field of HR Module. Is there a Way to do it?
The Joining Document what it does is that it checks whether the Employees have been provided all the utilities or not.
If some of the utilities are left to provide the status will be left opened untill everything suffices.
and until the status changes to “completed” it should pop a red alert untill the status is changed.!
Please provide a way to do it.!
Thanks in advance!

Look for file in erpnext/config folder. Here under label Recruitment you can add your doctype like other items:

  "type": "doctype",
  "name": "Joining Document",
  "description": _("Joining Document"),
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How to set the “Red Alert” for the same if Status field is Set to Open?

@Ujjawal, For notification count, you have to add your doctype in file for Open status
i.e. "Joining Document" : {"status": "Open"}
path : /apps/erpnext/erpnext/startup/

Thanks, Priya

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