How to display field values of a doctype in a different doctype

I want to display the Company Abbreviation of the Employee in the Employee details. It should display the Employee’s Company Abbreviation. Not to select but display Company Abbreviation related to the Employee. How can I achieve this?

I tried creating a “Company Abbreviation” field through employee customization, selected the Type as “Link” and in options I entered just “Company.Abbr” but didn’t work. If I just type “Company”, it’ll display the list of companies, but I just want to display the Company Abbreviation only.

Create a new Data field Company Abbreviation in Employee and use the “Fetch From” feature.

I tried it in the exact same way in the documentation, but it’s not working.

Plesae check it.

Thanks alot. There’s another small issue, when do this, it only affects when I’m creating a new employee. The employees that I created earlier, their Company abbreviations are not getting displayed. Only works for the newly created ones. But Thanks alot, your video tutorial was very much helpful