How to display Item Code and Item Name only once in report?

Hi all,

i’m creating a new report based on a custom DocType, actually Item Price History.

Picking Item and Item Name column, the report will use Link formatter for the Item column so that it will show:


All is ok!

Now the problem is that it will show also Item Name column, so it has a redundant information, see pic:

If I’ll hide Item Name, Item column will display only the code value: ITEM-0000250

Any hint on how to show bot Item Name only once?

Thx in advance

If you are making a query report, you can use concat:


concat(field1,' ',field2) as "Item:Link/Item:200",

Using report builder doesn’t leave you many options.

I’m using Report Builder, seems there is not much to to …thx for the hint

I can help troubleshoot if you want to build a query report.

@cpurbaugh thx, will let u know