How to display Item Groups on Home page

Hello. Regarding the website section of ERPNext, I’m trying to create a list of Item Groups (product categories) to display on the home page. I’ve created several Item Groups and Items associated with each Item Group. The “Show in Website” has been checked for both Items and Item Groups. The homepage has been set to products (website/website settings). Currently the homepage is displaying a list of the Items, but I would like it to display the Item Groups rather then the Items. Is this possible? Thank you?

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Check the page_name property of the item group. Make sure that the Item Group is allowed to be shown in website and then see if it works.

Thank you rmehta for your reply

Yes the page_names are set and shown in website is set too.

What we are trying to accomplish is that the homepage of the site is showing a list of Item groups.

What is happening is that the homepage shows the products but doesn’t list any groups.
Not in the top bar or sidebar just directly on page.
So instead of the Products Thumb with name, it shows the child item group thumb with name.

Is that possible or do we have to build a web page and link the item groups to make that possible?

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I’m looking for the same : a product home page listing groups instead of items. In the /products page, it 'll be GROUP A, GROUP B etc. When clicking on GROUP A, items of group A will be displayed.

Have you created a custom web page or found another solution ?


Definitely. This is an old thread of discussion but seems to be still a valid issue.

The products showing up in a long thumb list without any idea of product / item groups is a bit confusing. I’d prefer also category thumbs on the first page, or sidebar product group list (categories).

Any progress on this?

As far as I know, there are nothing more on this unless v. 11 would bring something.

Any new updates on this?