How to display Item price?

I setup Price List → Item List (Enabled show in website) → Item Price List : set the price for the item
But in the Product page I can not see the Price of the Item appear. So did I do it wrong way?

Follow this documentation: Not Found

It’s a bit dated, but should help you. Essentially, you need to enable “Shopping Cart”


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Yeah I did but I can not see both price list and a shopping cart button, try browser Inspect HTML I can see the Add to Cart button but it hidden and there is no Item Price!

Maybe that particular Item isn’t in the Price List you’ve selected for Shopping Cart.


hello anand,
It’s in my price list but I found that the Default Territory: must set to All Territories, my created Terriority didn’t work!
Another question is how to display the Item price along with the Item name in the product listing page? The products page only list the Item name, I need to click into the products image to see its price!

Item Price in listing isn’t available yet. Can you create an issue at Issues · frappe/shopping_cart · GitHub

I did it!
Thank you anand!

Link above is broken, new document is here:

In my case, I needed the price shown on the shopping cart. This only shows when checkout is enabled…