How to display Manufacturer Part Number to item form?

Dear Sir,

I am green on the ERPNEXT, I would like to display Manufacture Part Number on the Item Form. I have tried Read Only and Link to the function to manufacturer_part_no in Item Manufacturer but fail.

Please help and advise any direction or method should I follow to do? Thank you!!

Hi you can check out this functionality. It sets Manufacturer Part Number in the Item given that it is selected as default for that item. You can just check Is Default in Item Manufacturer. That should do it for you

How does one create a field in Item form that will fetch the part number?

For example:

results in

That number from a dropdown containing other Items , the number is found in the upper right of the Item Manufacturer page.

I’ve tried constructing the field using Manufacturers Part Number as Label and Item Manufacturer as Option, and various variations , field types etc - is it possible to get this without coding?

Thanks a lot Marination, it is work for me, by the way, can you advise any method, can I display the manufacturer part no in the BOM item?

Thank you so much

As I’ve mentioned, you can check this out. It adds the default manufacturer along with part number to the Item Master (check screenshots).

You can create a custom field and fetch values using Fetch From in the BOM. Although we will also look into making this a standard fetaure.

Hi Marination,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried to add create custom field with fetch from as below in the BOM Item. But failed, the manufacturer part number cannot be fetched from Item Manufacturer.

Cannot show in BOM Item as below

Could you please advise what I am doing incorrectly so that the manufacturer part cannot be fetched from Item Manufacture or Item?

Thank you very much

Could you please share me some idea to how resolve this issue? Thank you so much

I think it was very unclear about where you exactly wanted to fetch this.

  • You want to fetch the manufacturer part no in the Item Master
  • And from there fetch it in your BOM Items Table
    Is that correct?

If so:

  • Go to Item Manufacturer List and create one, enable Is Default
  • Now go to the Item for which the Manufacturer and Part no were just created, in the Manufacturing section, Default Item Manufacturer and Default Manufacturer Part No will be populated with the one you just created. Nothing to do here.
  • In your BOM custom field’s Fetch From set its value as: item_code.default_manufacturer_part_no

That should do it

Thank you very much @marination, it is work fine.