How to display Product Categories in Products page

I have some child Categories in Product Category. How to display it in Products web page?

You get child categories by default above the product listing. Did you try?

yes It can list out my child products, but I solve my problem by adding these child products link into Menu
Products in Web site setting!
----> All Products
----> Child 1
----> Child 2
----> Child 3

Sorry did not get your question. You mean the sidebar?

I donā€™t have side bar, I just need way to display all product categories in Menu bar or Breadcumbs. And it display on my Menu now ^^

A screemshot / mockup would help in understandingā€¦


Following is the website generated from ERPNext. This has Item Groups listed under Products. Are you looking for something like this?

Each Item Group has salable items listed under it.

Can you share link of website you are working on?

Hi Umair,

Hope you are well. How do we create a MENU for products like the one below:

We have created the ITEMS and selected ā€˜show in websiteā€™ however we have the ā€˜Page Missing or Movedā€™ error when we go to Products.

Appreciate your help mate!

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Attached is an image of website setting for one of my test account.

This is how it appears on the website.

You can do website setting for your item groups (like Product in the attached example) on the same lines.

Thanks Umair!

We setup SHOP / Servicesā€¦is it possible to have another sub menu under services like ā€˜Services / IT Supportā€™ Services / Development?

If so, how to create a Sub Menu?

The other thing; how do we create the PAGE of the ITEMS like Frappe Cloud ??

We see that every item goes to /all-item-groups/

Yet when you visit /all-item-groups/products or /all-item-groups/services, there is nothing there (Page Missing)ā€¦

That part is confusingā€¦

OK we created the SUB GROUPS in ITEM GROUP TREEā€¦

We changed the Items Groups to the correct onesā€¦we placed the CCTV Cameras Under the CCTV Groupā€¦

The CCTV Cameras still do not appear on that page?

How does this work? Any links?


Did you check Show in Website for the Item Group in Question?

Did you add it in the Website Setting? Just like Products were added in the example above.

I think you need to place the link in URL field like this: /products/sub_group if you specify this products/sub_group (without /) it will not work

Hello @rmehta how do you add a side bar on the Products Web Page.

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