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I am trying to customize Material request as per our requirement. One the requirement is when we select “Requested for” its should display his/her details like Emp code, Cost center etc… I am not sure how we link this in "Material Request’. I had created new Doctype for employee master which keep all record. How do we display in Material Request. Any help will highly appreciated.



@Parvez_Akhtar add custom link field on Materia Request form.

Nevermind I got this done, By Creating master doctype and then linking to Material request

By taking help from here


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@Parvez_Akhtar why create a new employee master?

@rmehta On second thought. I think it would best to just modify Employee doctype and link it in Material Request doctype. Also created employee group doctype and added user restriction to this doctype… So only manager can see only his team member… Thanks for following up on this.

@rmehta One more thing, How to I change auto name to Field as by default its to name series of Employee doctype in spite changing to fieldname in developer mode

See HR Settings.

Thanks u r Saviour… In HR setting changed to Employee Number and kept Full name & Employee number same, So when u link employee u get Employee name not name series… Thanks again