How to display sidebar menu in webpage, it doesn't show on website?

Hi team
How to display sidebar menu in webpage, it doesn’t show on website?

On website

have you enabled “show sidebar” in your web page doctype ?

Yes, I did it

I ticked show sidebar but it not show my sidebar item

just tested this , does work … v13.26
have you added the web page to website settings?

Screenshot from 2022-10-06 10-02-33

Screenshot from 2022-10-06 10-04-35

did you clear cache ? Or Reload page ?

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There are some issues with sidebar in v14:

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I did it. thank you !

thank you!

@Thanh_Binh let us know what was your solution , in-case there are others who may need to know , thanks

I added the sidebar code to web_sidebar.html because my web_sidebar.html is empty.

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Hi sir,
Can you show me the code of your web_sidebar file?
Thank you.