How to do a Blank Frappe Installation?

Hello community! :wave:
I’ve been using Frappe framework for a year now, and I am wondering if there is any possibilities to install a fresh “Blank” frappe instance, and I mean by that, an instance without any pre-defined roles, permissions, pages, forms, or doctypes, except core doctypes that frappe cannot run without. Or is there any way to delete all these data after the installation and leave only the core Frappe framework?
It is really important for me to accomplish this task, I would love to read your opinions and replies.
Thanks. :blush:

Just curious… why do you want to do that?
Because those are the generic “helpers and supports” for an app. Having those would ease the development a lot.

Hello Rahy!

Thanks for joining the discussion.
Well, I do use Frappe to build admin dashboards and apps for clients, so I make custom doctypes, reports, boards and user roles. Having additional data in the system makes it hard for me to manage the things I make, that’s why I need a scratch Frappe installation, in order for me to have an empty environment where I only find the things I make for easy management.

Thank you.