How to do loan repayment

I’m facing problem,
Let’s say, Employee Take loan 200000, initially he wants to pay back from Salary.
Before we deduct from Salary, he changed his mind and want to repay all in Cash.
Now, I can’t do Loan Repayment, also I can’t do reverse journal Entry
Can someone help me, how to solve out this case?


Hi @santhida , Let’s say total loan amt = 50000, employee has paid 1st month loan amt and the next month employee wants to pay balance full amt is it your prblm?

yes, let’s say
Loan is 50000
1 month deduct 5000
now employee want to pay 45000 in cash

The feature of foreclosure loan is not in erp, if you want you can override core doctypes with your changes.

@santhida Try version-13-beta with Loan Repayment, matches your scenario.