How to do material transfer with taxes?

We have 2 warehouses with different GST’s (they are in different states), under GST we need to pay taxes for inter warehouse stock transfer (, so when we will did material transfer from one warehouse to the next, stock ledger was showing the correct entries but we were unable to figure out how to include gst while doing the transfer in journal entry.

We tried out Delivery Note, from following link Material Transfer from Delivery Note and Purchase Receipt,

our observations were

this still does Stock level changes and not account level. Advantage is we can capture taxes and charges on this form which we cannot on the Stock Entry form.

Next step , which we concluded is we should be booking the Sales Invoice after a Delivery Note to book accounts as well.

Is this the correct way to do material transfer between 2 different warehouses with separate GSTs?

The ADDITIONAL COSTS on a New Stock Entry of Material Transfer purpose won’t help? Did you try posting some cost there and see where they are posted in Accounting? If it is not the account you are aiming for, you may transfer the amount via another Journal Entry to the correct account or you can check Company settings under Accounts/Company and make the account assignment there.

Its a plain description field and won’t pick up tax profiles we created plus the actual tax amount will have to be calculated each time.

not much useful in my case.

@Abhinav_btc- Perhaps try creating a separate service invoice for this?

Have you tried creating Internal Customers?

Hi ,

we are doing this by delivery note, and then creating a sales invoice against that delivery note. sales invoice is to balance the accounting books. then a journal entry has to be created to write off the sales invoice. all this will be done through automation.

Any solution for this probelm of - Stock Transfer with GST (internal warehouses)