How to do Purchase Entry when 2 FY or 2 FY-Quarters are involved?

Dear All,

I would like the help of people who are into EXCISE and have the knowledge of the laws of excise and sales tax.

I am facing a problem in making Purchase entries especially when there is a transition of period in between. I am unable to make a purchase entry for an item which we receive in Q1 but was dispatched by our vendor in Q4 of the preceding year.

For Example: 

A vendor of mine would sends me some material on 25-Mar-2012, for this that vendor would raise an invoice on 25-Mar-2012 (Q4 FY2011-12). Now we receive the material on 04-Apr-2012 (Q1 FY2012-13). Now the problem is if I make the posting date as 04-Apr-2012 then this would become my purchase for FY 2012-13 and if I make the posting date as 25-Mar-2012 then as per EXCISE LAW it is incorrect since I cannot take credit of the material which I have not yet received.

  • As per Sales Tax Laws the POSTING DATE should be 25-Mar-2012 since C-Forms etc should be for Q4 FY2011-12
  • As per EXCISE Laws the POSTING DATE should be 04-Apr-2012 since the credit of DUTY cannot be taken before the material reaches the CONSIGNEE.

Can any one help me with this problem?