How to do this manufacturing process?

hello every one, actually i am using ERPNEXT more than 2 years. but i am using accounting model to keep payment record.
my company is aluminum fabrication windows and doors.
now i want to move another step, and i create new instance in Frappe Cloud (great services) and i want to implement manufacturing module. so i do that:

note: i need manufacturing item physical to track delivery note and track issue with each.

  1. I create physical item in stock and i name it (fab-item).
  2. when i create sales order must as following:
    1>>>>>>>>>fab-item>>>>>>> main door size 1500 x 2100
    2>>>>>>>>>fab-item >>>>>>>back entrance 1000 x 2100 …ect

i have another software to calculate BOM Based on design and component

  1. when i go to manufacturing model to create work order. ERPNEXT ask me to create BOM. so i create first BOM for (fab-item) for qty 2 item.

in this case no issue.

in another case: i have sales order with qty 2 (fab-item) but the BOM will be different than first BOM.
so must i create another BOM.

in some case if customer buy 2 qty 2 (fab-item) and i am already create BOM and work order. may he will add more 2 qty 2 (fab-item), now in sales order total 4 qty. and must create another BOM and Work order.

in another option i create stock item as following:

  1. aluminum windows tilt and turn
  2. aluminum windows sliding
    3 aluminum door.

in this case must create 4 BOM and 4 work order

so now i am confuse how can i implement manufacturing model in my company with easy way.
actually i am looking for this:

  1. create sales order
    2.create one BOM for each sales order. and i can updated
    3.create one work order for each sales order. and i cant increase or decrease production qty.

also i am try to create 1 BOM with all raw material so when i create work order i just drop items and keep what we want to manufacturing. But if i am going to create work order i cant change qty of raw material.

also if there any alternative way to do like that. such as i can use stock entry “manufactur” instead of BOM.

The bottom line is that I want a valid way to do one work order with one BOM or Stock entry per sales order and the same time i can updated qty of manfuctring item and update BOM or BOM or Stock entry.

thanks to ERPNEXT Team.


Quick Question: Are you a Made to Order Alluminium Door and Windows Fabricator?

If yes, it is a bit hard for you to be able to implement an ERP easily. It IS going to be a bit messy.

Your best bet is to create new Items called AlDoor-CustomerPO-RunningSeries and AlWindow-CustomerPO-RunningSeries. Like if you have 2 Doors and 2 Windows in a Customer PO - PO-00001, then your items are AlDoor-PO-00001-00001 and AlDoor-PO-00001-00002 and AlWindow-PO-00001-00001 and AlWindow-PO-00001-00002. Then you can do the BOM easily. If you try to use the same Item all the time, you and your people will end up getting totally confused. With a bit of scripting, you can actually get to generate the items automatically at the time of creating your Sales Order.

Hope this helps.



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Yes, wa are the fabricator.
Ok if we create items based AlDoor-CustomerPO-RunningSeries that’s mean must i define BOM for each items, and this will be very triple. Am i understand you?

Actually i was use tally features. We can use stock entry to move raw material from stock to WIP and define quantity of products to manfuer.

I don’t care if i create one item or many. Main issue to define BOM for all items in sales order in one time, and we can update the bom and quantity of products.