How to do update/upgrade ERPnext keeping customizations of doctype on Frappe Cloud

I found different confusing guidance on this issue and unfortunately not a clear guidance of the proper way to customize doctypes. What is the right way to customize doctypes (e.g. adding a custom field in the Lead doctype using “Customize form” while making sure nothing breaks on updates/upgrades? The posts I read in this post and the documentation didn’t make clear whether these customizations will be maintained after each version bump or whether they will be overwritten. I am not talking about customizing the code base but using the available “Customize form” functionality on e.g. Frappe Cloud. Do I need to create a custom app/Fixtures or other wizardry even if I just added one single new field to a standard doctype or is the Frappe Framework able to port my customization to the next version since the customization is saved in the Custom Field doctype?
Related question would be: How about custom reports, server scripts and custom roles?
Any explanations or (if it is available) linking to relevant documentation that I might have overlooked would be highly appreciated! Thank you

All the changes you done using “Customize Form” will preserve during all updates/upgrades.

No need to create separate app, you have added custom fields using the “Customize Form” option.

All the custom reports, Custom Roles and server/client script will be preserved after update/upgrade.

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