How to edit consumed qty while making purchase receipt for subcontracting..?


I am creating a new BOM for a operation and i have mentioned the required qty with process loss.

For Ex:To manufacture 1 Kg of Fabric, we required 1.1 Kg of Yarn. (The 0.1 Kg is the maximum process loss qty and the loss qty is not constant, sometimes it may vary during process). After BOM i am creating Subcontracting PO for 100Kgs of Fabric and system calculates the required quantity 110 Kgs of yarn as per the BOM. I am making stock entry for 110 Kgs of yarn to the subcontractor. While receiving the fabric i came to know only 105 Kgs of the raw material was consumed during the process and the balance qty have to be received.

While making subcontracting receipt, system takes the consumption (110 Kgs) as per the BOM. In this case how do i edit the consumption qty?

I think the receipt quantities are editable. Can you confirm if this is the case?


The receipt quantities are editable. But actually i need to edit the consumed qty in Raw Material Supplied table.

@Mydheen Consumed Qty is not editable right now. Can you please raise an github issue?